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Life Stuff

A lot has changed since my last blog post so let me get you the reader up to speed shall we?

I guess the biggest change for me is that I finally left a job that changed my life’s trajectory forever. And I really mean that. Back in April I decided to wrap a tiny little bow around 4 years of my life dedicated to this job and through the highs and the lows I made it through to the other side. It was supposed to be a temporary job to get me through university with my studies in radio/television (something I’m still super passionate about but more on that later) but it turned to something far bigger than I imagined. I’ll be forever grateful to DECIEM and the life long friends I gained from it. And not everyone can say they got to act as a beekeeper with REAL bees for a beauty campaign video.

So yes I learned so much about film production and worked with so many creative geniuses that I left with knowing what I want to do.

And what is that you may ask?

I want to direct my own short film, gosh dammit!

I mean at least one for an experiment who knows if it’ll succeed or crash and burn? Either way what excites me about this, is that I am genuinely getting those butterflies again. The same butterflies that I got when I got into my dream media program, the same butterflies I got when I interned for YTV and meet my childhood hero Carlos. The same feeling when I got a chance to be on the vj search back in 2013. The same feelings I get when I would actually write for this blog!

This passion project/short film/delusional manifestation, whatever you call it was a huge sign for me that I was finally showing up for myself again. I’ll share a little more on how I got to making a short film pitch package in my next blog post. ❤

Book Stuff

I’m reading again. Yup, I have time and energy to read books again and I feel like my brain was starving for someone else’s own narrative other than my own. These are the two books I recently read that I definitely recommend to those still trying to carve their own life path:

We were Dreamers: An Immigrant Superhero Origin Story by Simu Liu

My goodness what a huge blessing to read this kind of story. Simu put his heart on his sleeve with his memoir including every bit heartwarming and wrenching detail that lead him to where he currently is at life. I cried after reading each chapter and I was not expecting that to happen. I was an absolute mess when he talked about his early life being raised by his grandparents. I came into the book amazed by his portrayal of Shang-Chi but finished it with a huge admiration of Simu’s own legacy. You know those stories that you felt like you had to read at a certain point in your life- this was the one for me. If you are looking to be inspired and self-reflect your own dreams please read Simu’s memoir.

the Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl by Issa Rae

First and foremost I want to personally apologize to the queen Issa Rae as I watched the Insecure series very late (I was live tweeting season 1 while everyone was spoiling the last season for me!! how dare they!!) and read this book very late into the game. If I had to do a ted talk for an hour straight and no breaks then my topic would be how genius Issa Rae is. What was I reviewing again? Oh right this book that was published back in 2015 but still feels fresh as ever. Issa’s writing is a delight to read as it oozes in realness and has so much heart. I also shed a few tears as some chapters were absolutely raw and emotional. If you’re a huge fan of Issa and want to know more about who she is or you want a joyful yet real book to read then check this book out. I will just say I’m sorry but I got the last copy from amazon but if you ask nicely you can borrow my copy.

My brain is wired to look for patterns and I see that these two books were written by big dreamers that believed in themselves and took a chance on their own passion projects.

I’m on a memoir high because I feel like I’m getting so much nuggets of wisdom so I’m currently reading Viola Davis’s memoir, Finding me and I’ll just say now it’s very emotionally heavy and I have to take a break from each chapter. Even the quotes she choose for her chapters hit me like a gut punch.

Music Stuff

I’ve been writing a lot of my scripts to Valley, especially to this song

It only makes sense since I’ve been writing romantic comedies and cheesy scenarios but right now I’m into consuming things that bring me pure joy and Valley gives that to me every time!

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately! See ya later reader. ❤


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