“your soulmate is coming”

I walked into the wedding venue with my old prom suit jacket and a size too small dress pants. I tried to look like I belong to a wedding party that I only knew three people at including the bride.

I looked like mr potato head in an ill fitted suit and I needed a drink. Fast!

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 11.24.17 PM
mr.potato head and the beautiful bride!

The wedding venue itself was very beautiful. It was an old rowing club beautifully adorned with a lot of charming wooden furniture and vintage photos of strapping young men ready to well… row. The “aha!” moment to why this venue was chosen was the beautiful view overlooking the lake with the sun shining looking like it was blessing the lucky couple on their special day.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 11.25.48 PM

My plus one/best friend Gurpreet was silently waiting for his actual plus one to come out of the ceremony, his poorly covered excitement waiting for his boyfriend was very cute to observe. It looked like he was waiting for some good news but he already knew the good news he just couldn’t get enough of it. I wondered how that would feel and downed another free drink.

The ceremony finally concluded and the party began but by the time everybody was crowding around the open bar I was already 3 drinks in and talking to random family relatives and cute titas (the grooms side is filipino ayeeee). I finished my conversation with a beautiful lola about my reality show stunt and sat next to the venue doors trying to keep to myself and enjoy the party from a distance. I really tried to be on my best behaviour since I embarrassed Gurpreet on his birthday party being a little too drunk and loose with my words.

I looked down at my phone checking if anyone snapped me when I felt someone tugging on my jacket. I look beside me and I see a very cute asian girl sitting on my jacket with a really big smile on her face. I instantly felt like she could see through my soul.

“Hi! I’m Mitsuki! I’m good friends with the bride and groom” she yelled extending her hand out with another big smile.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 11.31.15 PM
check mitsuki out on instagram, she’s so cool!! https://www.instagram.com/astrospacekat/

I was taken back how friendly she was and smiled right back at her shaking her hand

“Hi! I’m Kevy and I’m kinda drunk!” I joked and we both laughed for a good minute.

She immediately stopped laughing and puts her hand on my shoulder

“Do you have someone special in your li-”

I stopped her because I wanted her to save her breath.

“Look at me Mitsuki! You think anyone would want to date this?” I laughed and realized I was the only one laughing.

She genuinely looked worried like the look my grandma would give me when I open the fridge door past 8pm.

“Hey it’s not that serious… I’m just- I just- I ju” this is when I started stuttering my explanation to why i’m single. Am I “just seeing where life takes me?” Am I just plain ugly? Am I the chosen one that needs to stay pure to redeem everyones salvation #nunlyfe? All these stupid and not so stupid reasons jumbled in my head and I started to have a mini break down. Oh god what is Gurpreet gonna say now when I start drunk crying for everybody to see?!

“Don’t worry…”She looked into my eyes

“Your soulmate is coming.” Mitsuki said in the most omniscient voice i’ve ever heard. Its like she picked off all the stars in the sky and put them in her words. After she said that all my insecurities and excuses about why I was single silenced and I managed to focus on one thing, hope.

Do I really think my soulmate is out there? Who cares!

Mitsuki reminded me that all of that doesn’t matter and what does is the hope of good things to come. It’s that hope that should matter and not what really comes out of it. It always comes back to enjoying your life/journey and taking problems as they come instead of obsessively thinking about the expectations.

You leave it to the universe/god/powers that be and you just live the best life you can! Thats what I learned on that wooden bench in the rowing club venue at a beautiful wedding I was gratefully invited to.

Thank you Mitsuki ❤ and congratulations to Kathleen and Cyrus thank you so much for inviting me to THE big day!!!!!

I know I haven’t been posting much but thank you for sticking around 🙂

See you next post!


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