how to not get crushed ever again (well at least by the ones that don’t like you back)

say goodbye to those nights of shoving your face with ice cream and sobbing over a stupid crush. because let me tell you something if they don’t like you why should you invest so much time in them?

its nice to have a slight crush on someone but to lose your self respect so that you can have a glimpse of someones attention doesn’t seem like a fair trade to me.

yeah its tough and maybe you have that argument of “well someones got to make the first move.” but when it comes to that point where you make that move, and another move and an another one till the chase becomes a full out marathon to only find in the end that there was no finish line in the first place is just flat out nonsense. at least in a marathon you get a cool instagram picture, but this race you get absolutely nothing.

“but kev, i have never seen someone more beautiful in my life!”

so you’d date someone that is incapable of loving you back because of how they look? love is a two way street and if they ain’t feeling it then there is no use in torturing yourself trying to get them to like you.

as much as it is easy to fawn over someone you should know that you should be fawned over as well. so when you’re trapped in that mood of being not good enough look straight into the mirror and tell yourself “you know what i deserve as much love as i’m willing to give. and that’s a heck of a lot!” then raise the finger in the air to some TLC no scrubs & slap your butt and go “damn i am thick!!!” and move on knowing your self worth.

listen a lot of things in life are going to make you feel like crap at least make sure those things actually matter in your life instead of somebody who doesn’t care about you at all.

personally i find with this mentality i feel more grounded and not swayed at all by a crush because really we ain’t got the time!!!

you are so worth it.

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 10.45.50 PM

keep your head up 🙂

see you next post.


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