what is your story that you tell yourself?

I met up with my friend/mentor/vegan goddess Lauren Toyota to attend a youtube lighting workshop. The workshop was pretty fun learning about professional lighting and meeting other Canadian youtubers was super fun. After the workshop we got interviewed for someones youtube channel and then decided to leave. We walked along the lake and weaved through dirt roads and having a full out heart to heart on our way back home. It was super fun just catching up on life and what was new in our lives. Lauren started her own vlog channel (youtube.com/laurentoyota) and got a new DIY house project, for me I got a new juicer (i’m actually so happy with kale juice)  hahahaha.

After many jokes and talking about babies and dogs, Lauren started talking about how everybody has a story they tell themselves whether they are true or not its still a story that was created by how you feel and what you experience from your perspective. But like how perspectives change why not change and update the stories we tell ourselves that fit more into what we want out of our lives.


I’ve been telling myself the same story for a long time and although my life has changed drastically from dragging my feet at a dead end health program to running building to building interning at production companies I still found myself telling myself the exact same story.

This is generally what story I was telling myself: Kevin Oh. The funny yet ugly friend. Hopeless in finding love and will die alone. Fat. You’re really fat in the face why do you even bother trying to be fit? I’m trying really hard to find a job but no wants to hire me. Broke. Not smart enough and can’t bite the bullet to stay at an office job that has more perks if I just tried harder. Why aren’t you trying harder? Weak minded.  Happy yet how long would this last without having a solid career?

Wow. Really writing this down was an eye opener itself. I just read this out loud and i didn’t realize how internally negative I was with my own life.

Now slowly but surely I’m trying to rewrite this story that I tell myself: Kevin Oh. Funny and witty as hell even if i’m the only one laughing at my own jokes. Spends more time loving myself. Deserves love and I have so much love to give to people and this world and i’m giving that love like confetti. Proud of my Korean features. I love my plump hands the most because it resembles my grandmas. Working on my fitness and my health one step at time. I’m working on it and i’m having fun with it! People want to hire me because I am talented. I have beautiful friends inside and out and really grateful to have them. A normal office job is not for me. I will have a creative job that I am able to live off of and truly be happy with. I am grateful and will live in the moment more. I create positive and entertaining videos for everyone to enjoy.

I recommend you try this exercise.

Get out your old journal or a scrap piece of paper and write down the story you tell yourself right now and the story you really want. One rule: No limits. And if you find yourself limiting to what you want just totally disregard it and keep writing! You are so deserving of the things you want in life and the first person who should really believe that is you.

Once you believe you can then these things will naturally manifest in your life. I’ve seen it happen in my life and more so in other peoples lives. All the best! Message me if this helps you I really want to know the positive progress you made!

See you next post!


4 responses to “what is your story that you tell yourself?”

  1. I love that your positive story was much longer than your negative perception. I used to think positive affirmations were bullshit, but something about adulthood makes them easier to conceive as helpful. Thanks for this awesome post!


    • Thank you for always reading Laura babe! And yes its like the older I get the more I seek this type of information and ways of thought. ❤


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