5 songs that keep me anchored

i’m the type of person that hides their anxiety pretty well (see that was my way of saying i have anxiety without telling you directly that i do lol). don’t get it twistedddd i bottle my emotions as much as i bottle in my own farts…. not at all! haha

jokes aside my anxiety attacks feel like it happens out of nowhere.

sometimes they come in forms of night terrors with me jumping out of my bed and hitting the same corner of my ikea bookshelf or it comes in a form of a sucker punch to my stomach that removes the air out of my lungs while i’m at work.

but i found its weakness.



meryl streep devil wears prada

“Music? For Anxiety? Groundbreaking.”

i know it’s not the most original solution but i thought i would share with you 5 songs that gets me through my day and ease the tension that my anxiety brings. maybe you’ll find some peace with these songs…

*or you might form a strong opinion that i have really weird music taste.

haha but i digress, here are my soul songs.

1. Last Mistake by Hey Ocean!

do yourself a favour and listen to this song WITH headphones. there are more layers to this than my weight watchers lasagne. it is such a sweet lullaby of a song and the duet makes you believe in romance again. it is my go to song after an awful night terror and before the song ends i go back to sleep to a more pleasant dream.

2. You are my Sunshine by Johnny Cash

people may look at it as a depressing song but it makes me focus my attention on my loved ones and how important they are to me. that reminder snaps me back to myself while the overwhelming pressure melts away. this song is really magical and truly a life saver.

3. Oceans by Hillsong

my personal relationship with christianity is complex but the love always remains. you don’t have to listen to this song but i would be lying to you if i didn’t include this song into the list. when things get really, really tough for me and i feel like i have no one to turn to i listen and meditate to this song. no i don’t meditate on a hill in the country where wild goats surround me eating grass while i ascend to the clouds but i usually listen to this song on the go bus or in the train or anywhere i find some sanctuary. for 9 whole minutes i feel total peace and not so alone.

4. It wasn’t me by Shaggy

leave it to me to recommend a shaggy song after i told you about the “good news”. LOOOOOOL i’m literally laughing and i think i woke my grandma up.  yo but this song is so chill and so funny that you can’t help but laugh and be happier. i still don’t know what shaggy is saying but at least it takes me away from my anxiety.


besides the fact that this song is titled happy and that the music and lyrics are done to perfection, this song really fits into what i’m currently going through in my life. i think a song that you are able to connect with on such a close intimate level is a great weapon to use against the tyranny of anxiety. i love Marina and her new album FROOT is an album everybody should at least check out. you will not regret it!

so yup…. those are the five songs i use to fight my anxiety and i hope you find some peace or at least know that if you have anxiety attacks you’re not the only one who’s going through it. love you!

see you later!


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