Screen shot 2015-02-15 at 11.22.02 PMhello there! this blog is really meant for my own reflection and my personal use but if you happen to fall upon this page then what’s up! my name is kevin oh but dearest of people call me kevy.

i’m currently 22 years old and I am taking on a new career path in media, a new school, a new relationship (to myself…corny but necessary) and a new healthy lifestyle. i really like the idea of blogs and how personal it can get and i thought it was time for me to write one of my own. i always thought my life was like a really boring but sometimes tragically hilarious sitcom and now i am willing to share it to the public online.

don’t let the black and white mysterious photo mislead you. i’m a really happy, colorful person and i’m not afraid to admit that haha! ( I just wanted to look really cool in my first post ok? lol) but like everyone in this world i’m growing up and i want this blog to reflect my actual life. the good times and the bad. the life lessons i learnt, the food i bite, and the gems i find at thrift stores. so if you’re interested hop in from time to time and check me out! if not then well… thanks for reading this far and i wish you the best online stranger 🙂

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